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Working for a Sponsor means much more to Maurischat Racing than putting a brand logo on the race car. We see sponsorship as a business partnership and our first goal is it to make it sucsessful in many differrent ways for our partners. The key to operating a motorsport team at the high level we do at Maurischat Racing, is to be equally serious about the performance level on and off the race track. We put the same amount and energy into promoting and working for our marketing partners as we do delivering performance on the race track!

During the race season we are focused on bringing our business partners together, to share our race day activities with full hospitality. We guarantee a fabulous weekend for our guests and partners and the spectacle of FIA Drag Racing ‘the fastest motorsport on earth!’

For us a marketing agreement means working 365 days a year on many different kinds of activities. Although we are currently running the European FIA Drag Racing Championship over a 6 month season, we understand the need to be available to support our marketing partners at trade shows, exhibitions and company events to communicate the brand message in the most effective way.

At Maurischat Racing we offer flexible business arrangements from one race weekends to mulit year agreements. Whatever the option you can be sure we will be working hard to delivering the power of FIA drag racing to your brand!

Let’s go Racing!

For more information on business oportunitys please contact:

Maurischat Racing
Marco Maurischat
Max-Weber-Str. 41
25451 Quickborn

Phone: +49 (0) 4106-71129
Fax:   +49 (0) 4106-75557

+49 (0) 172-4308333


Our Partners

  Ross Racing Pistons

Ross Pistons have thirty years in the business and they design and manufactue pistons for all forms of motorsports. Ross Pistons has met the continual need for the most advanced forget pistons in the racing industry. In drag racing you will find Ross pistons in all kind of engines from Top Fuel to Stock.

For more information please visit or contact 

B&J Racing Transmissions

B&J builds the best racing transmissions for all kind of drag racing no matter if alcohol dragster, Pro Mod or motorcycles. B&J is the home of high quality transmissions drives and parts.

For more information please visit or contact Mike Strasburg at  

  Darren Mayer Performance Engineering
Your supercharger and performance racing specialist

Darren Mayer Performance Engineering is building the finest and best Superchargers, Injectors Hats, fuel systems, CNC billed mashined third members and flexplates on the market for all kind of racing from Methanol to Top Fuel. DMPE´s all in house build M4 and M5 Blowers had set the world of Pro Mod drag racing on fire with the first 5 sec. runs in this class.

DMPE is now offering Engine Dyno Testing Service on a intertia wheel dynomometer designed and developed by Darren Mayer. This state of the art machine is capable of testing over 3000 hp. and 2000 ft pounds of torque.

  NGK Spark Plugs Europe

NGK produce an excellent product and their spark plugs are considered throughtout motorsport to be the very best on the market!  It’s an honour to team-up with NGK and we will support them with customer promotion projects and appearances in 2010. To learn more about the complete range of NGK products please visit:  
  Korthals Schneid-Erodiertechnik

Create and build many parts we use on our race car with a state of the art erodier, milling and grinding machine park. For example take a look on our aluminium injector spacer.


Pulverbeschichtung Nord GmbH

A company running by team owner and driver Marco Maurischat. Beside the division of Powder coating and liquid car and industry painting this company is the exclusive European distributor and instructor for the full line of NIC Cerakote ceramic products. Under the flag of Pulverbeschichtung Nord GmbH is the European leader when it comes to ceramic coatings for exhaust systems as well as  firearm and gun coating.


Well known Company running under the worldwide leading BASF banner that overs the full line of first class powder coatings as well as all kind of liquid coating material for the modern world of painting. Pulverbeschichtung Nord GmbH works with many of there great performing products.

  KTS Asmerican Parts GmbH

The leading company when it comes to US car parts in Germany. No matter if for street, hot rod or race cars, KTS will offer everything in time and top quality .KTS takes car of many race car parts we need just in time to run successful with our Pro Mod race car.

  SPH Stahl-Partner-Hamburg GmbH

A worldwide dealer on the steel market. No matter if plates, tubes, steel or stainless steel or even chrome moly, this company handles everything from a small special order to endless meters and KG of Material. We run our race car with many parts build from material provides from this company. Take a look on our Chromex Ceramic coated exhaust pipes. They are in house build from a special stainless steel material.


Power Race Graphics

Looking for a great race car paint scheme, a team logo or even for colorful US style hero cards and prints? Please speak to Darren West of Power Race Graphic, UK. From visual sponsor drawings to complete business graphic designs, Darren is the best you can work with!

All graphics you will see at Maurischat Racing and our company Pulverbeschichtung Nord GmbH, no matter if it´s the great looking red 53` PM Corvette, our hero cards, the trademarked logo or even the colorful Pro Mod Challenge decals, are created at Darren´s desk.

  Mile High Crankshafts Inc.

With over 25 years experience in crankshaft repair and modification, Mile High Crankshaft, guided by company owner Dave Olsen, has the knowledge and ability to fix your damaged crankshafts. Mile High Crankshaft offers everything from Journal repair (nitrided and hardened), index grinding, Hard Chrome Snout Repair up to magnafluxing. For more information please visit or call Company owner Dave Olsen under 303-781-6764.

Front Corvette
2005 HP Pro Mod Corvette

Ross Racing pistons


Darren Mayer




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